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  2. Anonymous said: Subtle differences can be important over a long period of time as they add up. A gender swapped person might well have a nearly identical personality and equal badassery regardless of the original and changed gender, but minor situational changes would still have an impact over the years. With Trunks and Bra swapping over it's a more substantial difference unless you're saying they have interchangeable personalities and always react the same way to everything.


    Future Bra and/or Future Trunks would have both been raised in a post-apocalyptic world, and therefore they would both be extremely serious and slightly desperate, regardless of their original personalities (just look at regular Trunks who has absolutely nothing in common with Future Trunks). Future Trunks’ personality wasn’t that defined in the manga anyway - he was reserved, polite, powerful and very slightly cocky, all of these a result of his upbringing. I don’t see any logical reasons why Future Bra wouldn’t have the exact same personality, because the place where they come from defines them.

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    her eyes were the colour of


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Quote Lounge


    Quote Lounge

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  8. Just watched #letsbecops it was funny as hell

    Just watched #letsbecops it was funny as hell

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  9. This would be me Lol fighting for my life and oh heyyy #ultimateSpiderman #webWarriors gotta binge watch from episode one

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Everything Love


    Everything Love

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i always follow back new followers


    i always follow back new followers

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Teen quotes


    Teen quotes

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